Levelling Up Your Business


Levelling up your business is the logical next step after its formation. This means taking steps to protect and maintain your assets and the tools you use in day-to-day processes.

Suggested: At the very beginning, it won’t be long until you need to consider levelling up your business to look more professional, protect and maintain your assets and tools you use in day-to-day processes. So what will you need to level up in these early stages?


Levelling up your Business

Protecting your Company Name

The most valuable thing you get when you level up your business is the protection that comes with it. You get protection when you level up your business and become a limited company. Once your company is registered with Companies House, no other business can register the same name or even a similar name to yours; this then translates to protection in how people see and perceive your business. 

Obtaining a Professional Status

Having LTD at the end of your company name also gives the impression that your company is a professional outfit and should be treated as such. This is especially beneficial when developing new partnerships with other businesses and even when applying for funding! 

Limit your Liability and Protect your Personal Assets

Limited liability is one of the main protection advantages of levelling up your business to a limited company. This means that your assets, such as your house, car and any personal savings, are kept separate from the business. If the company must pay out a large sum, which it can’t afford, all the company assets will be sold off to pay the debt, but your personal assets won’t be affected. Even if all the capital and company assets can’t cover the debt, your assets will still be safe.


Levelling up your Tech

Levelling up your tech can have a massive impact on the projection of your company. Keeping technology up-to-date can save businesses time and money.

Mac comes with system, app, internet browsing and data-in-transit security built right in. Helping you keep your data safe and secure. The compatibility of newer models ensures that employees stay productive throughout the day.

Level up with Apple Devices

Apple hardware, software, and services work seamlessly together, alongside your other business critical services, like apps from Microsoft and Google. Whether you’re working in the office, from home, or working remotely, Apple devices help keep your business in sync.

If you chose The Formations Company to start your limited company today and chose the Pro bundle, you’ll get exclusive discounts on essential apple tech! This includes Registered office address, Legal and cashflow management and up to £100 cashback.

Take the first step and check to make sure your company name is available to register as a limited company, chose the Pro formation bundle then enjoy these exclusive Apple discounts!


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