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Why use a formation agent?

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The reason for using a formation agent to register your business is simple: it can be more cost effective and just as quick as going directly to Companies House. When you use a formation agent they will also seek to provide a simpler online process with more professional guidance and help with added services after your business has been incorporated.


What is company formation?

Company formation is a term used to describe the process of registering a business in the UK. Companies are registered with Companies House. All UK limited companies, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and overseas businesses with premises in the UK are legally required to register with Companies House.


The benefits of formation agents in a nutshell:

  • Professional service from a team carrying out hundreds of company formations every week.
  • Faster, more accurate results with everything done on your behalf.
  • Significant savings – a postal application can cost around two thirds more.


Added benefits of choosing The Formations Company

  • Approved by Companies House to set up your company on your behalf.
  • A free Barclays Business Current Account with £50 cash back from us.
  • No hidden extras – your Companies House registration fee is included.
  • Easy to use online service with all of your formation details and documents stored in one place.
  • Secure information exchange with a DigiCert SSL certificate so you can be confident that your data is protected.


For further information head to our help centre.

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